Hi, I make comics.

I also make artwork that are not comics.  You can see this art here.

My first comic series, ‘Uptown Girl’, was published as a monthly comic for 75 issues and went on to become a series of original graphic novels.

My current comic is the webcomic ‘The Incredible Retros’ which launched November 2015.  This comic is drawn with Mircon pens on Strathmore Bristol Board (smooth) and colored and lettered in Photoshop.


I am also working on an original graphic novel titled ‘Norah Locke’ which I describe as ‘The Legend of Zelda But it Takes Place in my Town’.  I draw this book using Clip Studio Paint on iPad.


I also wrote and illustrated a picture book that has yet to find a publisher.  It’s called ‘Bear and Rabbit’.  It’s pretty great.

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