I work on two main comic series.

‘Uptown Girl’ started as a mini-comic in 2003 starring Uptown Girl and her two friends, Ruby and Rocketman. ‘Uptown Girl’ was self-published on a monthly basis for over 6 years until the series ended in 2009 with the 75th issue. In addition to the 75 monthly issues, over 25 bonus issues and specials were also were published during this time. Uptown Girl’s adventures continue in a series of original graphic novels. The first graphic novel, titled ”Big City Secrets” came out in 2011.  The sixth and final graphic novel, “The Lazarus Heart” will be published in 2017.

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The other comic I do is a webcomic called ‘The Incredible Retros’.  Taking place in the year 2438. A terrible villain is threatening the planet. Alie, Earth’s only hero, has been recruiting the greatest heroes from the past to fight evil. Together they form THE INCREDIBLE RETROS!


I don’t limit myself to just Uptown Girl and The Retros, although I spent most of my time on these two series.  Once in a while I make time for other comics, sometimes about my daughter or about…well, other stuff.  I need to add to this section.


sophie birthday



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