To Wish for Impossible Things

Well, it was close and it came down to the last few hours, but the Kickstarter to fund the first print collection of The Retros was successful!

I’m also pleased to confirm I will be a guest at MSP Comicon on May 19th and 20th.


So, what happens next?  I do the final check of the Retros book and should be able to approve the proof today.  If it all looks good, then the book goes into print tomorrow and I should have it in ten days.  I’ll get started on original art for the backers who contributed at that level.  If you backed at that level, please get in contact with me and let me know what you’d like (

It feels a little weird to have a new book out.  I’ve been self-publishing only Uptown Girl books for over ten years  To have a new book out of a new series feels a little weird, but very exciting to me.  The Retros were first conceived of almost ten years ago.  The team has changed a lot since the series finally launched and it took longer than I expected to have the first book out, especially since the third is almost finished.  I hope to have the second book out this fall, though.

I’m feeling very…up lately.  I felt pretty discouraged and hopeless last week but I directed that frustration into finding a literary agent for my picture book.  I bought a big book that is more or less a phone book for literary agents and got to work.  I went though the entire book, picked out agents that looked like a good fit and sent my book off to them.

It was/is a lot of work.  But I dove in feeling optimistic and excited.  I am proud of my book.  It’s not uncommon to get to this stage of attempting to get something published and feel the enthusiasm for the book just kind of fade way.  When you create something, it’s not unusual to start to see flaws and start second guessing it the more time you spend with it.  But for the most part, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I sent my book off with the energy and optimism that the submission process demands.  It’s not easy, it requires diligence, professionalism and dedication.  Rejection letters are going to come and you have to prepare for them.  Just set them aside.  If there is sincere criticism in the rejection, study it, and see if that criticism is right.  It might be.

I am prepared to be rejected by every literary agency in the country.  I hope it doesn’t come to that.  Right now my optimism and enthusiasm for the book doesn’t think that is likely.  But if that happens, then I take it to the next stage and start sending my book to publishers directly.

I’m going to get rejected a lot before I’m…not rejected , I guess.  Right now that reality of getting passed by doesn’t dampen my optimism a bit.  This all feels new and exciting.  It feels good to get the book out there instead of just staying on my hard drive.  There’s a Barenaked Ladies song with a lyric that goes “I’m so thrilled to finally be failing” and man, that just nails it.

I’ve sent stuff off before, my enthusiasm for the project faltered and I didn’t try as hard as I should have.  But that was a lifetime ago.  I feel like I’ve taken all my experiences and talent and expectations and work ethic and commitment and channeled them into the right way to get published.

So, here’s to the impossible!





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