Square One

So, for better of for worse, the year is over.  Despite my hopes and efforts, ‘The Retros’ failed to find a publisher, whether as a comic strip or a book.  So that’s disappointing.  On the other hand, we have managed to get through the year without a nuclear war, although I suppose there’s still time.

I worked hard this year.  I finished and published the final ‘Uptown Girl’ book, finished the second year of ‘The Retros’, started the third year, did Inktober once again and started my children’s book.  So, that’s good.  I also submitted ‘The Retros’ to syndicates and publishers.  I always find time and energy to create, but writing letters and mailing book proposals out is not something I enjoy doing, so I am happy that I submitted as much as I did and to as many publishers as I could.

So, what’s next?  I wrote recently how my goal, in addition to the ongoing Retros, is to have one project to create and one project to submit to publishers going at all times.  This way I can have a balance of making art as well as getting my efforts in front of an editor or an agent.

I am happy to say that I have decided on what my projects for 2018, and beyond, will be.  In July my children’s book started to form and I started work on it in early November and I am finishing the last page today.  Once the art is done, I start the digital part of the project which will consist of Photoshopping out mistakes and putting the text on the page.  I expect this to take a month or so and begin submitting the book to agents in February.  Luckily, and dauntingly, there are hundreds of potential agents and publishers to shop this too.  It makes it intimidating to try to break into such a competitive world, but it’s nice there are so many options.   Sure, I say that now.

So, that’s the submitting project.  The creative project is…well, it’s a comic.  Specifically a graphic novel series.  Yeah.  Earlier this year I wrote about how I’d have to find a new project to work on since Uptown Girl was finished, and I stated that I couldn’t imagine doing another graphic novel, especially a series.  But…things have changed.

I am not ready to reveal the project yet, but basically the project can be summed up as “what if ‘The Legend of Zelda’ took place in White Bear Lake?”

It’s incredibly exciting to be at square one, or panel one, of a new project.  I’ve been taking notes, researching, sketching, writing down ideas, plot outlines and more over the last few months and the series is coming together.  Believe me, I did not want, or intend to start another graphic novel series ever again.  But…well, I can’t shut off an idea.  You can also blame my wife for planting the seed for this series.

I have started the first book in the series and has a tentative name of “The Underground Kingdom”.  I am about a dozen pages in and now that the art for children’s book is almost complete, I am able commit to this book even more and my goal is to have the first book done by the end of next year and out  in 2019.

Here’s page 11.

11  I hope you all had a good year and that next year is better.  Thank you for reading my blog and my comics.  I really appreciate every reader, fan, follower and friend I have.  Knowing people like what I create is a really wonderful and affirming thing.  Thank you.



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