See You Next Weekend

I first attended what is now called MSP ComicCon back when it was a one day event called SpringCon and held at the Maplewood Community Center over ten years ago.  That first show was a lot of fun and I sold a few comics which was a much needed confidence boost in the early days of comic booking.  I also met Mark and Susan who invited me to my first in-store signing and I have been lucky enough to call them friends to this day.

But things change and evolve and the show has a new name, venue and has grown to a two day extravaganza.  I have been fortunate to have been invited back throughout the years and I am excited to be back at the show this upcoming weekend.

It’s hard not to think about those early days when I go to conventions.  I didn’t even have enough comics to collect in a trade, I was single and renting a room in my friend’s basement.  I am sure this show will also be a little wistful as the final Uptown Girl book goes on sale and I see people this weekend that have followed her stories for years.  There’s so many people I know because of her, so many friends made, so many adventures of my own that I have had because of her…

I’ll have the new book and the previous volumes on sale along with some original art. I’ve been painting a lot this year and I will have some of my recent efforts at my table this year.  If you would like me to set aside a painting or if you have a request, please email me: or message me on Facebook.

I’ll be tucked away in a corner this weekend, so if you’re looking for me, use this handy map.  If you’re not looking for me, then beware the green star.


See you soon!



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