First World Problems

Perspective is important.  It’s important when it comes to drawing of course, and it’s also important when it comes to life.  Last week, both art and life came colliding together.

I use Photoshop a lot.  I am usually fiddling with it in the morning before I go to wok as I letter a page of Uptown Girl, and at the end of the day I am usually editing and coloring a page for The Retros.  Over the last few years, Photoshop has become an important tool in my art.  Before I looked at it as a way to scan and possibly do some light editing on a piece of art, then it became the tool I use to letter a comic.  Soon it was how I blacked in the night sky and clean up panel borders.  Now I rely on it more than I thought I ever could.  It’s true I only use about 10% of what Photoshop offers, but what I use it for is essential to my projects.

Last week Photoshop stopped working.  Not being a computer guy myself, I am not entirely sure what happened.  Dan, my best friend/website builder/IT guy thinks the software become corrupted somehow and I should uninstall it and re-install it.  Tried that, it did not work.  After trying a few free programs online for a temporary solution and considering switching to other options such as Manga Studio, I bit the bullet and purchased Photoshop again.

At Dan’s suggestion, I looked on eBay and found an older version of it and avoided paying $89 for the latest upgrade.  Three days and thirty dollars later, a newer and better Photoshop was back on my PC and working like a dream.


In retrospect, this all seems very uneventful but in reality, I was very stressed out.  I wondered if my computer was on its way out (it’s five years old, it might be time for a laptop), or if I would have to learn a new software program and change the techniques I’ve been using for years or what I was going to do in terms of keeping up on lettering and editing comics so I can stay on schedule.

The reality is that I can afford a new laptop, I have friends who would be happy to sit down with me and show me how to do anything I needed to know about any artwork editing software I could buy, I could also drop by a friend’s house and use their Photoshop if I needed to touch up something before I had a long term solution.

This was very much a first world problem and I am embarrassed at how stressed out I was.  This was not a problem at any level.  I am far enough ahead on The Retros that the next few weeks of pages are already colored and lettered.  I had friends on Facebook recommending different programs and sending me links to different options to try.  I am very lucky to have the life that I have.

So, I am thankful for the lesson and the reminder that my problems aren’t problems.  I am lucky to have people in my life that can and did help.  Thanks to everyone who offered technical help and offered different solutions.  I will try to keep things in perspective the next time my world comes to end when I have a temporary set back.



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