Step Right Up

Next weekend is Micro-Con, Spring-Con MSP Comic-Con.  I’ve been a guest at this convention for a while, I think this will mark my 87th year at this show.

And I love the conventions the MCBA puts on.  I’ve been to a lot of conventions, but I am amazed at how big the MCBA shows are but still feel small.

This will also be the first spring convention in a few years where I won’t have a new Uptown Girl book.  I am still plugging away at it, I just scanned and lettered page 134 this morning.  And let me tell you, writing this book is killing me.  The one small grace is that I don’t have the pressure of the next Uptown Girl book this time.  I am pretty far behind on this book since ‘A Long Forgotten Fairytale’ took longer than I thought it would.  The challenges for this book are many.  When I write a story, I usually have a theme in mind.  Some stories are personal, some are funny, creepy, mysterious or action-y.  This book is trying to be all of them.  Balancing the right amount of all those elements is not easy…and I also have the task of creating a satisfying end to a series I’ve been doing since 2003.  I am looking forward to taking a long break from writing long, complicated stories for a while once this is all wrapped up.

This is different from The Retros, of course.  There is an overall story to The Retros but I break things down in terms of overall story, then scenes, then pages, then panels.  It helps to only have four panels per page to tell part of a larger story as I have to be more economical in what I draw and write and only do the important stuff.  I have to keep things moving but at the same time, I like moments like the final two panels in the page from May 6th because it’s a great character moment, it’s funny but doesn’t really move things anywhere:


Anyway, although I won’t have a new book this year, I will have three new Retros one-shots/mini-comics with covers colored by Retros animator Brian Quarfoth.  I haven’t made a mini-comic for a while so it was fun to do these.




All three will be available at the convention and I also reprinted all of the previous Uptown Girl books (the graphic novels, not the big, fat phonebooks from a while ago) so if you need a few books before the last Uptown Girl book comes out (spring 2017), this is your chance.

Anyway, I’ll step off my carnival barker box and I hope to see you at the convention.



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