Any Colour You Like

By the time Uptown Girl ended as a monthly series a few years ago, I had done around 100 mini-comics, and each comic had a cover, of course.  I always did the cover after the story was finished and usually by that time I was looking forward to a little break or moving onto the next story.  Because of this, I usually liked doing the covers the least.  It was hard to come up with a great gag, a funny illustration or an image that really summed up the issue.  Also, since the covers were colored, that brought along another challenge as I wasn’t really skilled at Photoshop.  My coloring skills haven’t improved much but back then they pretty rudimentary.

I was very happy when my friend Ben Mudek stepped in and colored the covers from time to time.  To this day, some of my favorite things I’ve done were colored and enhanced by Ben’s skills.  Ben has colored every cover of the graphic novels and makes the books look better than I could have hoped for.  I like working with Ben because he just does whatever he wants and if I do give him an idea or let him know what I was thinking he just runs with it and make it better than I could have dreamed.  Take a look!

I can’t wait to see what he does with the final Uptown Girl book.  I love his stuff.  I should work with him more often on other projects.
At any rate, as the series was winding down, I realized that I wouldn’t be doing a cover every month and that I should really up my game when it came to doing them and stop looking at them as a chore.  As I look back at the final covers, a few of the covers I did solo really stand out:

The first cover is from an issue where Uptown Girl is missing and Sulky Girl kind of takes over the story.  She, along with Ruby, are on a mission to find and rescue our hero.  I took the cover of the first issue and did my best to make it look like a drawing of Sulky Girl was cut and taped over the spot that Uptown Girl occupied.

The second cover is from an issue that was never released.  There’s a story in the second book titled “Girl’s Room”.  I was going to release it as a one-shot for a convention but never got around to it in time.  I like this cover a lot.

The third cover is also unreleased.  If I remember correctly, I was also going to print a one-shot for a story that eventually wound up in the the second book as well.  I THINK the story was “Ten Thousand Questions”.  I think.

Anyway, at this year’s SpringCon, MSP Comic-Con, I will not have a new Uptown Girl book for the first time in like five years.  Instead I am going to have three Retros mini-comics.  Two of them are the stories that the first two animated shorts are based on, and the third is the Fly-Girl one-shot that was out last year with a new cover.  Although I like the original cover, I wanted to redo it after I did the covers for the other two.

Here’s the original and the new one:

Thanks to Ryan Dow for the title of the story.  The new cover still needs to be colored and needs to have the Retros logo slapped on but I am happy to say that the Retros toon animator Brian Q will be handling those tasks.  The cover will have the Retros logo as opposed to the Fly-Girl logo just to have some consistency.

Here are the covers to the other two one-shots:


I had a lot of fun doing these covers and I realized how much I missed doing them.  I can’t wait to see them once Brian Q jazzes them up.  I am lucky to have such talented friends and one thing I hope to do more of once Uptown Girl is wrapped up is to collaborate more with other talented people.





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