A Boring Story

I hate redoing entire pages but what I hate even more is a bad page.  It happens less than it used to (don’t worry, I still turn out really bad art) because I really have worked hard on slowing down and taking my time so I don’t have to redo anything but it still happens.

Some spoilers ahead, so keep that in mind.

I drew page 166 of The Retros a couple weeks ago.  In the scene Fly-Girl and Sputnik have a quick conversation before they are attacked by a giant robot snake.  Here’s the first attempt:166 first

Talk talk talk snake.  I know there needs to be room to have a conversation sometimes but I got to thinking…I have a scene with a superhero talking to a robot while a giant metallic space snake sneaks up on in them…in the year 2438.  So why is it so boring?

Usually when I redo a page it’s because there’s something off about.  The proportions, the drawing itself but this page screamed ‘redo’ because it was so boring.
So I redrew it yesterday:


I like it much better than before.  There’s some backgrounds, the snake in panel 3 looks a little more intimidating and I love the way it coils around Fly-Girl in the final panel.  It should be fun to color.

It’s weird showing off stuff that won’t be online for like 6 months, but there you have it.

On the Uptown Girl side I am up to 89 pages, inked and lettered.  I am still on pace to complete 20 pages a month.  I’m guessing I am about a third of the way complete.  I fully expect to be done by the end of the year.  I don’t want to talk too much about what’s happening in the book at this point but rest assured, everything is falling apart for our heroes.





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