A while ago (I want to say it was a few months ago but I think it’s been over a year), I drew a ten page action sequence for the Retros that didn’t take place in the scenes I was drawing at the time, but I intended to fit in later on.  Recently I got to the point in the story where I can use that scene and was excited to tie both parts of the story together.

Ran into a couple problems, however…

The first problem is that I drew the action sequence a loooong time ago.  The characters looks a little different, particularly Zoo.  The look of a character, especially when they first appear, will likely evolve over time.  Zoo is very different than most characters I draw so the learning curve was pretty high.  The action scene Zoo is in the style I drew him when I first created him:

zoo 1







After a few months and dozens of pages, he evolved and looks more like this:


When the readers get to the action scene, Zoo is going to look a little different than the Zoo they’ve gotten used to.  It’s a little jarring but I’m going to keep these pages as is.  I should go and redraw them, but the action scene as a certain energy in them that I don’t think I could capture again.  When I started this scene, it was in the early days and the excitement of starting a new series was huge and the enthusiasm really shows in this scene.  Of course I’m still super excited about the Retros, but nothing beats the first few weeks of a new project.

The other problem is filling in the gaps.  The action scene is snippets of the bigger story.  Not only did I have to make these ten pages fit within the bigger story, but when I got to these scenes, I realized I needed to add new pages to make these ten pages make sense.  I needed to avoid some potential continuity mistakes.  I think I’ve got the big ones covered, and I need to go back and put in some new pages between some of the old pages to have a more coherent story.  It’s a little funny I need to retroactively change some stuff for the Retros.  Well, maybe not that funny.

It’s the little continuity ones that I still need to tweak.

Little continuity mistakes bug the daylights out of me.  I know they shouldn’t but they do, especially when they are so easy to avoid.  One thing I ran into was I drew Lucky with a communicator device on his wrist.  A few pages later, it’s on his other wrist.  No big deal but man, it bugs me.  I am trying to fix these little mistakes the best I can in Photoshop.

So, that’s what’s up with the Retros.  It’s an interesting problem that forces me to spend more time at the drawing board (literally).  Luckily that’s where I love to be.




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