It Is Well With My Soul

Two weeks ago I mentioned I was going on vacation and how I don’t vacation well.  Turns out I was wrong, I vacation just fine.

I’m sure normal people, you know, people who actually take vacations, know this but the trip was a great chance for me to put some things in perspective and take a step back.  I actually slowed down.  I drew more on vacation than I ever thought possible.  Normally unless I am rushing out the door to go to work, I am spending the morning editing artwork, working on my blog while I have the washing machine and dishwasher going.  I like to be productive and like I mentioned in my last post, there’s so much that needs to be done.   Stuff needs to get done but when I was on vacation I woke up at my normal time (I can’t sleep in to save my life) but the kids were still out cold and exhausted from Disney World and I realized there wasn’t much I could do.  Usually I am a wake up and go guy but with the kids still asleep there wasn’t much to do but draw.

deskI set up my stuff at the hotel room desk, turned on the lamp, poured a cup of the lousy hotel room coffee and got to work.  I finished about 15 pages of The Retros in the six days I was there.  That might not sound impressive but it’s the most productive I’ve been in years.  I had the best time just waking up and drawing.  Usually it’s the evening after Sophie goes to be when I get my drawing done but this was just the best way to begin the day.

Being on vacation is calming and I was able to stop thinking about work.  Most people have no problem doing that but I have a hard time letting go.  I felt very happy and very peaceful while on the trip…not necessarily because I was on vacation but because I was drawing so much.  So yesterday I woke up, turned on the coffee maker and went right back upstairs to draw.  It was like being on vacation all over again except I had better coffee.

The trip was a reminder that I need to spend more time drawing and doing more things to make me happy.

And I am going to get right back to drawing as soon as I grab the clothes from the dryer.  Honest.

2 thoughts on “It Is Well With My Soul

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