Good Advices

Hey Ursula, can you give the young cartoonists out there some important advice when it comes to drawing?


Hey!  That’s great advice, thanks!

Today we’re going to talk about something kind of different, instead of me complaining about my artistic limitations and frustrations, let’s chat about something that I feel is one of my strengths: body language.  Body language and how a character stands really need to match up with what is being said and what the characters are feeling and I think this is something I am good at.  What are the characters saying without speaking?

I was inking a page from the upcoming Uptown Girl book and realized that I really liked the page I was working on.  Usually I don’t like what I am working on at the moment.  Most of the time I reserve my opinion on something until I’m done with scanning and working Photoshop magic on it.

The page takes place early on in the book and it’s a scene between our hero and her rival Suzie Lighting, a news reporter for Channel 8.

Here’s the page without the dialogue:


The page looks pretty good, I think.  What do you think?  Really?  Okay!  I’ll do that next time.  Anyway, let’s break this sucker down.




A lot of Uptown Girl stories consist of standing around and talking so I try to make the drawings interesting not only to look at it but to draw as well.  I rarely stop moving in real life and tend to gesture a lot when I talk so drawing the characters the same way comes pretty natural for me.

Tune in next week when I’m sure we’ll be back to me complaining that I’m not Alex Robinson or Bryan Lee O’Malley or Kevin Cannon.



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