Time To End The Story

photo 1

Well, it’s done.  Sort of.  I mean, it’s the first draft but the first draft is finished.  I am about 2 months ahead of schedule and I am just as surprised as you are.  I was hoping to be at this point in October but last week was really productive.  I started to see how each character’s stories were winding up and they were all nearing a natural conclusion at the same time.  Uptown Girl made some pretty bad decisions and she was at rock bottom, Ruby’s frustration got to a tipping point and Rocketman’s bubble burst.  And of course, the bad guys were ready to move in for the kill.  Time to wrap things up.  I hated seeing my beloved characters miserable.  The end of the second act killed me.

I knew where I wanted the ending to take place but I didn’t know how to get there.  And I mean how to get the characters there physically, they were all at different parts of the city.

And then like digging up a dinosaur bone, I saw a flash of an ending.  I started to brush away the dirt and dig a little deeper, gently and slowly but with a purpose.  Soon the ending was in my mind and I knew how to wrap things up.

My confidence also grew.  I had started the draft by penciling/laying out the story with dialogue and making notes and revisions (often times writing right on top of the artwork) along the way.  But as the ending started to take shape, I wrote an outline for the third and final act, skipping the layout stage altogether.  It’s time to start working on the finished story.

Over the next year I will jump right into the book, taking my notes, script, revisions and layouts and turning it into the final Uptown Girl book.  I am really excited to start this.  I have the story out of the way and I feel I can just spend the next year or so on making the book look as good as I can.  I’m happy I am about two months ahead of schedule, I certainly don’t want to rush this.

I’ll update the blog with artwork here and there but here is a comparison between the first page (after the prologue) in the layout phase and the final pencils.  Warning, there’s a spoiler here…if you can read my slopping handwriting.

photo 2

I thought I’d stick with the smaller page size that is on the left, but I decided to go back to the size I’ve been using for most of the Uptown Girl stories.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when it was time to get started on this step, but I am excited and charged up and ready for this story.  I’m looking forward to getting back into Uptown Girl’s world for one more comic.  I’m exited to draw them again…besides penciling and some quick gesture drawings, I haven’t drawn these characters fully inked for months.  I miss them.

I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when this is all done.  I can guess, though.


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