One Hundred Pages Later


I hit a weird little milestone last week that was totally on accident.

My two main projects, Uptown Girl-The Lazarus Heart and The Retros both hit 100 pages last week.

I was very happy to hit 100 pages in The Lazarus Heart.  After I finished drawing and inking the 10 page or so prologue, I decided to write and pencil the rest of the book before I started inking it.  The penciling at first was pretty tight but now it’s gotten much looser, almost to the point where the pages are just layouts.  I figured the book would be about 300 pages and if it turns out to be that long, then I am about a third done.  I’d like to be at 200 pages by the end of July and done with writing and layouts by October.  I think I am track.

The writing is going well.  Some stuff has happened and is going to open up some fun moments like Rocketman’s new roommate.  The roommate thing wasn’t really planned and just kind of happened.  I needed him to start hanging out with someone to help move the plot along but by having this person move in with Rocketman it solved another problem.  I love it when stuff like that happens.

For the most part, the book is going well.  My only snag so far is the bad guy.  I’m having a hard time with the bad guy’s motivation and logistics and reasoning.  I am hoping it becomes clearer as the story goes.  There will also likely be some additional rewrites and editing.

I thought about scanning in a recent page but the pencils are so light as it is that it wouldn’t be a very interesting picture.  I also thought about showing page 100 of the Retros but the page doesn’t make much sense out of context and is sort of spoiler-y, so here’s another page.


This is Alie, our fearless leader in an epic fight with Volcanix, the main bad guy.

It’s pretty exciting to be this far ahead on the Retros.  I plan on updating Monday through Friday for the first year and then seeing how I’m doing after that.  I will be collecting the comic into book collections, but the problem is when do I do it.  I look at the Retros as a continuing series with story arcs numbering hundreds of pages.  I think the first story will be around 350 pages.  If I update five times a week, that’s 20 pages a month.  It will take almost a year a half until the story is completed.  The Retros launches in November and if I wait that long, the first collection won’t be out until spring 2017.  I don’t think I want to wait that long to publish it.  At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably be done with the 350 pages next summer.  The first printed book could be out in the fall of 2016.  If I do that, then the ending is out before the website catches up.

But that might not be a problem.  I don’t necessarily think the book audience will be the same audience as those who reads the Retros online.

I haven’t decided yet, but I think I will be publishing the books as they are finished and letting the website post as scheduled.  Any thoughts would be welcome, this is a new world for me.


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