Cartoon Heroes

Okay, last week I said there would be a pretty big announcement about something.  And it’s true!


A few months ago, I let the cat out of the bag about a new comic called The Retros.  Originally scheduled to launch in January 2016 with my friend Brian Bastian writing the series.  A couple changes since then, and it will now be a solo act by myself starting this November.  I’ve been really excited about the comic and can’t wait for people to read it.  It’s a little different than what I’ve been doing with Uptown Girl.  It’s looser, the character designs are a little more cartooney and the stories will be less grounded in reality.  I started a Twitter account in January where I’ve been posting daily pictures of pages in progress, character designs and stuff like that.  When I am working on something I am excited about, it’s hard for me to stop talking about it…especially when I can’t talk about something.

Anyway, the news is that in addition to the Retros launching as a webcomic, it will also be an animated webseries!


The webseries will exist alongside the comic and will be short 3-5 minute episodes that will be posted on a regular schedule.  The schedule as well as when the series will debut is still being worked out.

The webseries will be animated by Brian Quarfoth, one of the animators who worked on the animation that was part of the Uptown Girl movie a few years ago.  Brian Q and I, along with Brian Bastian and another friend, Jerry did our best to make an animated Uptown Girl series a few years ago as well but didn’t really go anywhere, and for that, I take the blame.

But that is all behind us.  There was never any bad blood, just four guys who wanted to make a cartoon but had no idea what we were doing.  Since then, Brian Q has done a lot of animating and I’ve done a lot of cartooning and…well, calming down.

The webseries is is still very much in the early days.  I’ve seen a lot of test footage and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.  It looks amazing.  Now that the series has been announced, Brian Q and I will be posting screenshots and other fun stuff on the blog as well as the new Retros Facebook page.  Go Like it or Follow it or whatever.  I can wait.

This is all very exciting to Brian and I.  I really feel we’re building something really amazing and that we’re doing this the right way.  I am well over 100 pages of comics for the Retros.  I plan on updating daily, Monday through Friday, for the first year.  After that, we’ll see, it might go to three times a week.

Here’s more screen shots and character designs.  I do want to point out that although The Retros were created by me, Fly-Girl was co-created by Brian Bastian.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned.  I was going to say ‘stay tooned’ but…well, I didn’t.

2 3 4 museum guard sputnik toon



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3 responses to “Cartoon Heroes

  1. joe musich

    Looks very cool. I am going to love it. I still treasure the Uptown Girl DVD. I will look for you Saturday.

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