Okay, first of all, the new Uptown Girl book, Imitation of Life is done.  And I mean DONE.  There’s a box of the completed book in my garage.  They will go on sale on May 16th at SpringCon.

Imitation of Life is a collection of short stories with much variety, as demonstrated by my daughter Sophie, age 7:

Some stories are funny…
…some are sad…
…others are exciting…
…and some…might be kind of boring.


















I am very glad the book is done and it’s on my bookshelf.  I am working on the next one (The Lazarus Heart) and I imagine it will be even more taxing as the others.  This one if a big one.  I was pretty intimidated by the scope of The Lazarus Heart and was very happy when Brian Bastian, the writer of the first Uptown Girl graphic novel ‘Big City Mysteries’, said he’d write it.  But he withdrew from the project and I am scrambling a bit to write it.  I am not much of a writer and when I wrote ‘A Long Forgotten Fairytale’, the Uptown Girl book that came out last year I was running into plot holes and other challenges.  The book was close to 300 pages and I promised I’d never write anything that long myself…but here I am.

I decided to go another route this time and instead of working from an outline and writing/penciling/inking a page a day, I decided to write and pencil the whole thing before I started inking.  This change will help with the focus, energy and momentum.  It’s going well so far, I am close to 30 pages and at this pace I should hopefully be done with it by the fall.  Inking will probably take over a year and,  God willing, the book will be out in 2017.

The other change I made was bumping up the launch of The Retros, my new webcomic to November of this year.  It was scheduled for January 2016 but…I moved it up.  Yeah.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. wade evans says:

    Looking forward to picking up Imitation of Life at Spring con! Was wondering if you do convention sketches?

    1. boblipski says:

      Thanks Wade, and yes I do!

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