Positive Thinking

I am going to type a sentence I never thought I would type.  Here goes: Uptown Girl – Imitation of Life is finally finished.  I finished lettering the final story (titled ‘Positive Thinking’) for the upcoming Uptown Girl book this afternoon.  Well, I suppose ‘finished’ is a little strong.  It still needs to be proofread, the cover still needs to be colored and all that, but in terms of what is between the covers, I think we’re set.

I started this book in April 2012.  I worked on it off and on while I worked on ‘Long Forgotten Fairytale’ and I am really happy it’s done.  I plan on working on the Retros this week and start the next book on February 1st.  Normally I’d like a little longer break between books, but the last couple books took longer than I thought they would, and I think the next book will take a while, as well  I can assure you that it will take longer than a year, and I don’t expect it out until 2017.  It seems each book is taking more out of me and taking longer than I thought.

But regardless, Imitation of Life will be out this spring.  I hope you guys like it.

Anyway, here’s a quick peek (well, it might not be a quick peek if you look at it for a long time) of the cover.  Of course, this is before Ben Mudek works his magic with the lettering and coloring.  I can assure you he will use more exciting fonts.

UG 5 cover rough


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