Smart in a Stupid Way

And here’s a comic:

smart in a stupid way





















It’s an okay comic, I don’t love it, I don’t hate it.  I think it was a funnier IDEA than how it was executed, but not bad.  I like the art, though!  A lot of Uptown Girl is just the characters talking, so I try to show the characters doing something while they talk, like Uptown Girl applying lipstick in panel three.  It’s more interesting for the reader and keeps me interested while I draw the comic.

This little gem will appear in this spring’s “Imitation of Life”.  to be honest, I wasn’t even going to include it in the book.  This isn’t the original version, here’s the first attempt:




















I had the idea for the comic and I knew the humor from the comic was dialogue driven, so I focused on that.  But I was lazy on the art.  It’s Uptown Girl and Ruby just standing around…the art is rushed and panel four is a little wonky.  I drew the comic, didn’t care for the art and stashed it away.  I didn’t think it was *that* good and didn’t plan on including it in a collection.  Normally I redraw stuff I don’t like the art for, but I didn’t think this was funny enough to redraw.

So it sat in my drawer for months.  It kind of bugged me that eventually that would be a finished comic that wasn’t going to make it into a book.  But a couple weeks ago I bit the bullet and redrew it.

Anyway, I have three and a half pages of a comic to ink and then I’ll be done with the new book.  I plan on sending it off to be proofread by the end of the week and start ‘Uptown Girl-The Lazarus Heart’ next month.  I’ll have a week or so of non-Uptown Girl art to work on, so I’ll probably work on The Retros for a bit.  If you’re one of the thousands dozens following me on twitter, I mentioned that The Retros will be collected into books in addition to being online.  I think each book will be around 300 pages.  I’m up to 59 pages so far, so I’m…well, I don’t know if I’m behind or ahead.  I think I’m both.



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