Glory of the 80’s

Right now the new Uptown Girl book (Imitation of Life) is clocking in at 178 pages.  I have at least one more story to do, but my plan is once January 31st hits, I’ll finish whatever story I am working on and wrap it up.  I suspect the book will be around 190 pages.  A little less than ‘Little Adventures’, another short story collection, and I really wanted both books to be around 200 pages but since the last two books were pretty big, I think I can get over it.  The next Uptown Girl book will probably be the biggest one yet, and I need to get moving on that…and all the other projects I want to tackle.

‘Imitation of Life’ will be out in May of this year.  A few months out but there’s still stuff that needs to be done.  Proofreading, for example.  Once January 31st hits, I’ll send the book off for proofreading and work on other stuff while I am waiting for the book to be returned for corrections.  The other time consuming part of this is the cover.  Ben Mudek has designed and colored the first four graphic novel covers and I’m glad he’s doing this one.  Ben is pretty amazing and I can’t wait to see what he does with this book.  I finished the front cover yesterday and I need to do a little more research before I can wrap up the back cover.  The covers take a lot of time so I need some lead time for that.  Hopefully I can show of the final cover sometime in March.

I also worked on the credits/dedication pages this weekend.  These are the four pages at the front of the book that have all the legal stuff and thank-yous.  There is definitely a theme with these four pages that tie in pretty nicely with the front cover.  Take a look at the images that will accompany the text, I hope you like them, they were fun to do.

end pages 4 end pages 3 end pages 2 end pages 1


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