Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Hello, my name is Bob Lipski and I’m here today to talk to you about The Retros.

After working on Uptown Girl for the last 11 years or so, it’s very strange to have a new ongoing project to work on.  I’ve really done nothing else besides Uptown girl comics for over ten years.  I did some one-shots and other mini-comics here and there, I did 12 issues of Tommy Chicago (written by Brian Bastian) and a other creative projects as well, but nothing as significant as The Retros.  It’s the first new universe I’ve had a hand in creating (along with Brian).

It is not without it’s challenges, but it also gives me a chance to let loose a little.  Uptown 240Girl, by and large, is about as realistic as I’d like to get.  I know the stories can be a little out there (see the page on the right) but The Retros feels a little more cartoony than Uptown Girl does.  Uptown Girl’s world (believe it or not) is more grounded in reality.  Sure, there are robots and people who can talk to birds, but there really isn’t (in my opinion anyway) an element of fantasy in her life.  The Retros will allow Brian to flex our imaginations by quite a lot.  Time travel?  Okay!  Planet full of robot dinosaurs?  Why not?  A sprawling clone saga?  Anything goes!  In a way, I had to give myself permission to let reality go a bit.  Brian is pitching ideas for what he wants to do and I am surprising myself with saying yes to all of them,.  Uptown Girl is reality (sort of) but The Retros is all out craziness.  One of the first pages I drew was just to get used to the type of stories I’ll be drawing.  This is a pretty loose drawing that I will eventually redraw if we ever do a story that will need a scene like this:

the heart of the sunCharacter designs are a little more cartoony as well.  Drawing the two female characters isn’t that much of a stretch for me (they’re basically Uptown Girl with different hair) but the monster character, Zoo is a challenge to draw.  I am having fun with it though.  Since The Retros is more cartoony than what I’ve done in the past, I can mix it up a little with the supporting cast as well, like this evil scientist for example:

52Man, check out that nose.  But get used to it, Muppets are monsters are a part of the comic.  I’m having a blast drawing it, and I hope people like it.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe Musich says:

    When full tales ?

    1. boblipski says:

      I am not entirely sure. The plans for distribution are still up in the air. But I think there will be a print collection available spring 2016.

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