Helter Skeleton

So, enjoy a holiday-themed comic:

helter skeleton























So, let’s take a look behind the scenes of this charming comic.  Here’s the original:




















This is the comic before the sorcery of Photoshop.  The page is slightly tilted, it needs to be lettered and the art simply needs to be cleaned up.  But it’s also interesting to see how much was changed in Photoshop.  Originally I hadn’t planned on using the computer for more than lettering and minor tweaks, but when I drew the skeleton in the third panel, I knew I had to do some cut and pasting.

I love cartooning, but drawing the same scene is incredibly boring to me.  The first and third panels are meant to be identical and if the art is off, it throws the whole comic off.  I knew things were going off the rails when I drew the skeleton.  One look at it and it’s obvious how different it looks.  The head seems to have turned a bit and is now looking at Ruby.  I dreaded redrawing the skeleton after the first panel and I knew it would be in three panels.  A lot of the humor is based on the skeleton looking the same throughout the comic.

I am not an expert when it comes to Photoshop.  Making layers and other advanced techniques confuse me and I often become paralyzed by all the different options available.  I was pretty happy that I was able to cut the Halloween decoration out and drop him in the other two panels with minimal art revisions.

Looking at the comic now, I hope people realize that the hat is a pilgrim hat and not a leprechaun hat.


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