What Lies Beneath

I am a pretty simple cartoonist.  A lot of artists draw on a tablet or right on a computer screen (sorcery!) but aside from touching things up and lettering in Photoshop, I stick with pencils, brushes, pens and paper.

And Whiteout.  I make a lot of mistakes.  Drawing is hard.

If you ever see my original artwork, there’s a really good chance it will have stuff glued to it.  If I make a mistake and I don’t want or need to redraw a panel or a page, I’ll simply glue paper over the offending image and redraw it.

I was working on a page for an upcoming project the other day and I needed to draw a super evil bad guy.  The intention was for him to look evil and kind of hunched over.  But I suck at drawing.  It was a terrible panel.

Here’s my “process” for when things go to hell:

photo 1
photo 2(1)
Some honest self critique
photo 3
Taking advantage of technology’s newest resources.
photo 4
It’s like the drawing of the guy with no neck never happened. Let’s hope we can all move on.





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