This Was All a Bad Idea

The next Uptown Girl book will be a collection of some short stories but will feature a big story that will take up about half the book.  I am working on page 76 of it right now.

Aaaaand it’s not working.  First the good points:

1) The art, for the most part is fine, I’m happy fine with it despite the number of challenging things I am drawing.

2) The character’s motivations for what they’re doing is solid.

3) It’s a silly idea with multiple stories going at once and they all tie together well at the end.

4) It’s a pretty funny story with some great lines.

Well gosh Bob, what are you complaining about? 

The problem is that I get closer to the end of the story I am realizing two things:

1) Like I said, the art is fine, but the ending requires me to draw things that are, frankly, over my head.  I am a decent cartoonist but this is out of my depth.  It’s a humbling, frustrating story.  Seriously, drawing the ending to the story makes me want to quit comics because I suck.

2) The plot is rather silly, and it’s almost too silly for Uptown Girl.  There are things happening where anyone in their right mind would just shake their head and acknowledge how stupid things are.

I’ve thought about abandoning this story all together but I’ve gone this far and I am morbidly curious to see how things end.

I didn’t get much done today that I am proud of.  Again, this is a very humbling artistic story.  Seriously, I suck at comics.  But I realized that if I think the situation in the comic is stupid, then the reader will think so too.  And when I say stupid, I am not necessarily saying “stupid/bad”, this is more…well, “stupid/WTF”.  Sometimes “stupid/WTF” can be good, but man, I am not sure here.

So as a tip of the hat to you, the reader, I want you to know that Uptown Girl ALSO thinks this whole tale is ridiculous.  I don’t break the fourth wall, but I do want Uptown Girl to acknowledge just how bizarre this is.  Here’s the final panel of page 76.




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