Put the Book Back on the Shelf

Well, after years of work, rewrites and complaining, Uptown Girl – A Long Forgotten Fairytale is finally in print.  I can’t believe it.

Because I am a geek, I couldn’t wait to see it on my shelf next to the other books.  And I bet you want to see that too, so here it is:

photo 1Ben Mudek always does a great job on these books, and I think my favorite part of these books are the spines.  The previous Uptown Girl books were all very simple and the spines were bright white with simple black lettering on them.  Very boring to look at compared to these.





The book is almost exactly the same size as ‘Big City Secrets’.  Here’s the book compared to the original GameBoy because why not:

photo 2

And the whole library so far:

photo 3

So, yeah.  I am pretty proud of finishing the book and I am excited to get the next one wrapped up. I have about 100 pages to go on the next book.

Oh, you can FINALLY purchase the books online.  You’ll also be able to purchase books at SpringCon on May 17th and 18th.


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