Too Marvelous for Words

front cover finalAnd there it is.  The cover to the highly anticipated (by me, anyway, hopefully you as well) ‘Long Forgotten Fairytale’.  Like the previous books, the cover was expertly painted/colored by Ben Mudek.  What can I say about Ben and his work?  The title of this post says it all.

I had the idea for a stained glass image for the cover for a while ago, and I wasn’t sure how it could work, but Ben rose to the challenge and nailed it.

And here’s the back cover, complete with synopsis and a rather cryptic question.  You might be familiar with the phrase if you play video games.

back cover finalLike the other books, the cover went through a lot of drafts.  This cover seemed to rather smoothly and didn’t require a lot of attempts.  The drawing itself had to be pretty simple and the coloring would be doing most of the work.

Here’s the line art for the cover:

cover black and whiteOn the advice of Ben, I redraw the title banner and got rid of the birds.  I also sent him a color draft of what I was thinking, not that he needs my help:

cover color mock upSo, yeah.  I’m excited.  The book itself is currently in the hands of two proofreaders.  I know they will find plenty of my errors, but they are the first people to read this thing.    I’ve worked on this book for about two years, and knocked it around my head for even longer than that.  The writing process was difficult and the whole thing was fraught with frustration and revisions.  But if the book is good, it will all be worth it.



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