Off to Work

Ever since I finished ‘Long Forgotten Fairytale’, I’ve been pretty unproductive in a way.  I kind of took some time off, but still working on stuff at the same time.  I’m drawing every day and working on the next Uptown Girl book, but I’m kind of just playing.  Which is good.  The best drawing should feel like playing.
But this morning I woke up and decided to work.  Scan some artwork, clean up some panels, organize what I’ve already finished.  The next book will be one big story, maybe about 100 pages, and a bunch of short stories.  I have about…20 pages of short stories done, and about 30 pages into the long one.  I think this next book will be around 200 pages, so similar to ‘Little Adventures’.  And then onto the next book, which will be closer to 300.  I THINK the next book will be titled “Imitation of Life’.  And the book after that will either be titled ‘The Lazarus Heart’ or something else.  It will depend on if I feel like doing a long story about New York, or a long story involving corrupt politics and ninjas.

Anyway, here’s the folder for ‘Life’ so far:

UntitledMany of these short stories have made their way onto the blog, but there’s a few that haven’t.  I think.

I also scanned in a bunch of pages for the BIG story in the book.  I’m playing around with the layout and panel design and I think it looks pretty good.

Here’s a few pages:




























15Trust me, all of these scenes make sense when you read the story.

So, I guess playtime is over, and it’s time to work.  But having scanned in these pages and cleaning them up, I feel re-energized and excited.  Cleaning up the panels, etc takes about twice as long as before, but I think the work pays off.



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