Halfway Down the Stairs

The French have given us many wonderful things, like French bread, French kissing and the expression ‘L’esprit de l’escalier’ which is often used to describe what one wishes they had said to someone as they were leaving someplace.  It’s a great expression.  I’ve often had the perfect comeback, witty remark or comment pop into my head as I was on my way home.

Lettering “A Long Forgotten Fairytale” is kind of like this.  I wrote the book in my head, then made the book, and now I am, in a way, writing it.  I mean, the book is written, of course, but now that I am lettering it, I am tweaking the dialogue, rewriting it, and noticing and hopefully fixing plot holes.  I am seeing little things here and there that I wish I had done different.  Part of me wants to go and redo parts of the book, but this book has been redone enough.  Part of me is too excited about the next book to go back and redo anything.  But to be honest, the real reason I am not redoing anything major is that the book has left my head.  It exists, it’s a real thing.  It’s like giving birth to something, or baking bread.  It’s too late to change anything.

I only have TWO pages to letter.  I’ve been putting them off for a few days.  You’d think I’d jump on the chance to wrap it up but…um, I’ve having a hard time reading what I wrote.  Usually when I draw a comics page, I rough in the dialogue in ink and then type it in Photoshop.  Normally I can read what I wrote or take a stab at it from the context…but not this time.  When I manually write something, I tend to draw the letters as opposed to writing them.  There’s a difference, at least to me.  I never worry about who else can read what I wrote, so penmanship isn’t a priority.  Also, when I write, especially when I am excited about what I am writing, I write very fast.

Which makes it very hard to decipher what I wrote.

Without giving away too much, there’s a part of ‘A Long Forgotten Fairytale’ where Uptown Girl finds a book written by someone.  The person who wrote the book was taking notes and drawing, so the art looks like a sketchbook, in a way.  Here’s an example of what Bob in November has to look at and try to figure out what Bob in June wrote:

sampleI’ll probably take a crack at this later today.  Probably.

As for the book itself, the cover is almost done.  Ben Mudek is doing the cover and it looks gorgeous.  I’ve a couple proofreaders lined up.  It’ll be printed in the spring.  God willing.



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