Hello, I’m in Delaware

I am about a little less than halfway with lettering “A Long Forgotten Fairytale”.  And it’s reallllly boring.  The lettering, not the book.  Well, maybe it is.  You can tell me after it comes out…you know, in 2057.

My normal process is roughing in the letters when I draw the page, like this:

1After I scan the artwork, I clean it up a bit in Photoshop and do that for each page until the book is done.

I don’t like doing the lettering, but when it’s time to do it, I prefer to letter it all in one go.  In this case, I am lettering 5 pages a night, and ten pages each day on the weekend.  Lettering gives me a chance to tighten up the dialogue a bit, but sometimes I will rewrite an entire panel if something funny strikes me.  That happened this morning.  I’ve no idea what the original dialogue was, but I think this is pretty funny:

2The punchline is more of a Ruby line than an Uptown Girl line, but it still works.

And then I followed it up a few pages later with this:

3So, yeah.  This has been an interesting insight into the lettering process.  Uh, if you’re in Delaware, I’m sorry.


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