Off to a Good Start

After I finished the art for ‘A Long Forgotten Fairytale’, I took a week or so off and worked on some other art projects.  I also spent some time outlining the next Uptown Girl adventure.  Right now I am working on the new book, which is using the working title of “Imitation of Life” currently.  The book will have a few random short stories and one long one, around a hundred pages.  The longer story is partially based off of a story Brian had come up with for the failed Uptown Girl animated series.

Anyway, the other day I sat down to draw the first page of the longish story.  And I hated four of the five panels.  When you hate 80% of the page, it’s not an indicator you’re off to a good start.  Here’s a picture of it.  I was too lazy to scan it:

1So I cut the top panel off since it was the only part of it I liked and redid the rest.  Here’s a picture:

2I’ll probably add a bit of a background to the second and third panels.  I don’t really mind redoing panels, but when it’s the first page of a hundred plus page story, it’s not a good sign.


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