Do it Again

So, I am in the final pages of ‘A Long Forgotten Fairytale’.  Thank God.  The gang is back to where they need to be, and the story is winding down.

WARNING!  Some spoiler-ish stuff for the book:

What I’ve been struggling with since page 1 is trying to figure out how to end it.  Should the final page be a gag?  Something poignant?  Creepy?  Well, the uncertainty is over.  On my run this morning I figured out the perfect ending.  It was such a good idea, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it.  The motivation to do it is that it’s a perfect ending and a perfect way to set up the next big Uptown Girl adventure.  The motivation to not do it is because it’s a perfect way to set up the next big Uptown Girl adventure.  If I do this ending, it will kind of take away the stand-alone-ness that I wanted each book to have.  If I do this, it will not have a 100% completeness to it.  It will be left unresolved…kind of like having a television show’s season finale end on kind of a cliffhanger.  But I am going to do it anyway.

Spoilers off!

Anyway, as I am winding down, the gang is getting used to getting on with their lives.  Here we see Ruby going back to work.  This is the second attempt for the art for page 256:

254 first draftThis is the second attempt for the final panel because the first attempt was boring.  I needed to change the angle a bit.  I also thought about how Brian Bastian would’ve written it.  It’s obvious these are kids that are in a play.  Brian definitely would’ve written in the script a kid dressed up as a tree to appear in the scene.  I would like to show the art for the first attempt, but when I drew the second attempt (which we see above) I glued the new art over the panel.

I finished the panel and started to think of a new angle, a better, more interesting angle for the gag.  I thumbnailed it out and realized I could probably pull it off.  But with only a half dozen pages left, I was more interested in wrapping the book up instead of redoing pages.  After a couple of hours going back and forth, I finally gave in and redrew it.  Here’s the third and final (I hope) version:

254Yeah, much better.  Plus this new version gives me a gag I wouldn’t be able to make work in the previous attempt.

Anyway.  The book SHOULD be done by this time next week.  I hope.  Don’t bet on it.


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