Road to Nowhere

In which I reiterate for the 145th that ‘Uptown Girl – A Long Forgotten Fairytale’ is taking FOREVER to complete.  I know it’s taking a long time to complete, you know it’s taking a long time to complete, everyone in the world knows it’s taking a long time to complete.  So let’s get that out of the way.

But progress is being made.  More on that later.

I drew the first page for this book a little over TWO years ago.  I was wrapping up the second original graphic novel (Little Adventures) but I couldn’t wait to get started on this new epic story.  Once I wrapped up ‘Little Adventures’ a few months later, I dived headfirst into ‘…Fairytale’.  There’s been a few hiccups and delays along the way, and the journey from the start of the adventure to the end seemed to go nowhere once in a while, but I stuck with it.

I scanned in page 219 this morning, and I will draw page 220 tonight.  I suspect this book will clock in around 275 pages, and at this rate, I SHOULD be done by the end of November.  I tell ya, back when I was single and childless and putting out a 24 page comic once a month, I never would have thought it would take 4 months to do about 50 pages of comics.  The characters are on their way to the confront the villain, so that’s good.  The problem is the temptation to keep adding stuff in the book.  Like, ‘well, there is where I COULD throw in a scene with a giant, spider, but do I really want to?’

Here’s the top panel from page 219:

1I assure, despite the preview art I’ve been posting over the last few months, the characters do more than just run around in the forest.  They also get yelled at.  A lot.

I am looking forward to this book wrapping up for many reasons.  I’ve been living with this book for two years, and even longer than that if you count the time I’ve been planning this story.  I am looking forward to what people think of it.  I’m too close to the book to be able to tell if it’s good or not.  I hope it is.  I am also looking forward to other projects, some of them non-Uptown Girl related, but most of them are, especially the story where Ruby gets a talking, crime fighting car and Uptown Girl fights a robot Tyrannosaurs Rex.  Yes, again.


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