I’m on a Boat

So the other week I posted a page showcasing a difficult panel I drew.  I had to go back and add a couple scenes into the first few pages of the book so something near the end of the story would make a little more sense.

Basically Uptown Girl has to row a boat.

So I went back and added a scene where she takes a rowing class at the gym.  It was a lot of work for a very small payoff later in the book.  I wasn’t looking forward to drawing Uptown Girl rowing a boat.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I have to say it turned out pretty okay.

195Anyway, I am about to start page 216 tonight.  Aaaaaaaaaand I am not 100% sure what is going to happen.  I mean, I know what I want to happen, I know what needs to happen, but balancing the story with the mood I am trying to maintain is going to be kind of tricky.  To be honest, the last 50 pages of the book have been pretty serious and thrilling (I hope) so I’m kind of a silly mood so the characters are reflecting that.  It’s nice to see Ruby making fun of Rocketman again, after dozens of pages of being in mortal peril.


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