Pressin’ Them Buttons

I was watching my son play ‘Mortal Kombat 3’ yesterday.  It sure made me feel old.  I remember when the first MK came out and how controversial it was.  It was very violent for the time.  But now, it’s almost quaint compared to the games of today.

I mean, look at this adorable screen shot:

FatalityI wasn’t a big MK fan.  I liked fighting games, but preferred Street Fighter 2.  The cartoonish graphics were more appealing to me, the characters were more diverse, but I  thought the over-the-top violence of MK was almost kinda funny.  It’s like the developers tried to make the most violent game possible.  As a kid, the violence didn’t bother me, but as a parent and a gamer, and seeing just how realistic games are these days…I don’t know.

Anyway, I wrote this comic last night.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.  There’s no obscure in-joke or anything.  Nothing clever or subtle, just…well, here it is.

pressin' them buttons


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