My Best Was Never Good Enough

One of the things that can really slow down progress on a book is redoing and redrawing parts of it.  I’ve restarted the book twice now, and as a result I drew the first 60 pages or so multiple times.  It wasn’t all that bad of a thing, since I was able to redraw panels and pages I wasn’t too happy with.
I think (I hope) I am beyond having to start the book over again, but I am still going back and redrawing certain pages or panels.  Some pages have been fun to redraw, and some haven’t been.  But when I know a panel is lousy, I’ll go back and redo even if it is a pain in the neck to do so.  It does strike me as somewhat silly to care so much, when a panel can take about 5 seconds to read, but can take like a half hour to draw.

But it’s important to show that the creator cares about how the book looks.  I care about how the books look.  I don’t reread my books, but if I page through a book and see a panel that I remember drawing but thinking “This panel sucks, but I am too lazy to redraw it” it really gets to me.  A bad panel is bad forever, so a redrawn panel is always worth doing.  If I am flipping through someone’s comic and it’s obvious the artist couldn’t be bothered to draw a background or what have you, then I am hard pressed to understand why I should bother reading.

This book has given me the opportunity to draw many things I have never drawn, such as the rowing machine in the top panel of this page:

16.4…and to be honest, I hate this panel.  The angle is off, the background is uninspired, the rowing machine is stupid.  But…I just can’t bring myself to redrawing it.  It took 20 minutes to just pencil the rowing machine in a halfway decent way.  It’s a poorly drawn rowing machine, but probably the best I can do.
But I know I will probably redraw the panel.  The bottom panel, a yoga class, looks decent enough.  Right?


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