Goblins in the Woods

My daughter Sophie and I like to draw with each other.  She seems pretty interested in comics, so I thought it’d be fun to make a comic with her.  Our comic is called ‘The Adventures of Goblin’, and it’s about a little goblin who lives in the woods by our house.

She writes, I draw.  She’s one of the better creative people I’ve worked with, despite her being five years old.

goblin coverWe did a total of three strips this morning, and like any collaboration, I worry about how long we’ll keep creating new content.  Of course, the worry increases when your writer is only 5 years old and inherited her dad’s attention span.  Despite ten years and thousands of pages of Uptown Girl comics, my attention span is pretty short.

But in this case, the value is the creation itself, not the quantity.  We may never do another strip beyond the three we did this morning, but it was a lot of fun.




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