Have You Seen Me Lately?


Where have been?  What have I been doing?  I have been drawing like crazy, wrapping up the second act of ‘Long Forgotten Fairytale’.  Thank God.  The second act should be clocking in at about page 200, I think.  I need to go back and add a short sequence to act 1 so something near the end of act 2 makes a little more sense.  Not that a lot in the book does make sense, but I need to add some exposition as to why Uptown Girl is…well, you’ll see.

I am happy act 2 is wrapping up.  Not only because I am closer to finishing up the book, but the second act was difficult.  There is a strange mystery within the book that Uptown Girl simply does not believe in.  It took over 100 pages for her to be convinced of the danger.  Now that she has accepted the threat, she can do something about it.  The second act also had a lot of talking in it, which made the book a little boring to draw sometimes.  I am thinking the third and final act will be more fun.  One thing I am surprised and happy about is how close I am to my original goal of creating a creepy story and letting the inspiration for the story shine through.  Go me.

Anyway, for no reason, take a look at some promo art I created for Uptown Girl that I never got around to using.  Sorry for the boring posts lately, I am going to take a short break once the second act is done to do some short stories, I think.

crumb tribute


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