Girls Like Monkeys


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in…2005 I think, I was a “guest” at Wizardworld Chicago.  It was an exciting weekend where I met some of my cartooning heroes like James Kochalka and Craig Thompson.  I also met a horrible human being.  But I also met Zach Miller, who does an excellent comic called ‘Joe and Monkey‘.  Although Joe lives in Minnesota, I had never met him before.  His book was one of my favorites that I bought that weekend.

Zach and I became friends and talked about doing a crossover between Uptown Girl and Joe and Monkey.  At the time, Zach was doing comic strips, though now he has moved onto larger scale stories with bigger adventures.  At the heart of many of these strips and stories was the loveable Kleptobot who would show up, steal Joe’s stuff and just be a real pain in the neck.

The plan was to tell the origin of the character.  Since I lived in Minneapolis and he lived in Rochester, the idea was to trade off every four pages.  I would write and draw four pages, send them to him, he would draw the next four and so on.  It was a fun way to work on a comic.  Our styles seemed to blend in well together and we were excited to see the end result.

I drew the first four pages, sent them to Zach…and nothing.  I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I’m sure life just got in the way, like it always does.  When it came time to print the final trade paperback of the monthly series, I asked Zach if he still had the pages so I could include them in the book for completion’s sake.  He couldn’t find them…until last week.

It was fun seeing these pages again.  I haven’t seem them in a very long time.  I wish the crossover had worked out, but it was still fun doing these pages.

jam xover 1 jam xover 2 jam xover 3 jam xover 4



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