Black Leather Boots

As I dig out all the artwork from the first 6 years of Uptown Girl to prepare the next book for printing, I am reminded drawing is usually evolution.  I hope most people think the art in issue 75 is a little better than the art in issue 1.

By the time I jumped into the graphic novels, I felt like I had experimented with materials and page size and all that enough to really commit to how Uptown Girl was going to look going forward.  I’ve inked with everything from Micron pens, felt tips, crowquill nibs and brush.  I’ve drawn on sizes ranging from small to comic book board size (roughly 11 x 17).   I had the big things figured out, but as I draw the current book I continue to see little things that can be changed.

One thing that always bugged me was how Uptown Girl’s boots looked when against a black background, like this:

1 What I would do is leave a white boarder around her boots to separate the boot from the background.  The problem was that her legs always looked thicker than they really were.  Threw off the whole drawing.

But a few months ago I played around with this, and looked at how a lot of other cartoonists got around this.  The problem was solved by still leaving a white outline, but putting the outline in the boot itself, like this:
2It looks a lot better, the boots even appear to have a bit of glossy shine to them.

I realize most cartoonists would have figured this out in about 3 seconds, but it only took me drawing this character every day for ten years.




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