Sell Out

I’ve been fortunate to be a guest at two on Minnesota’s biggest comic book conventions for almost ten years.  Springcon and Fallcon are run by the fine people of the Midwest Comic Book Association. 

At Fallcon last year, they handed out sketch cards to all the guest artists asking us to do a small drawing on them so they could be give out randomly at this spring’s Springcon in May.

I’ve done sketch cards before for these conventions and I’d draw (not surprisingly) Uptown Girl and her friends.  I was planning on drawing them again for these sketch cards but as I sat down to draw, I started to think about who these cards who be going to.  If I understand it right (and it’s possible I don’t) but these cards are going to be part of grab bags to guests this spring.  I doubt that any of the guests know who Sulky Girl is, and I started to think about that ten year old kid from Iowa who is all excited to get a sketch card and gets…Mean Mr. Mustard while his brother gets Thor drawn by someone good.

So I decided to sell out a bit and draw characters that are available as action figures.  I had fun drawing Superman, Flash and Batman.  I gave Wonder Woman a shot but she just didn’t look right.  You’d think a guy who has drawn Uptown Girl for ten years would be able to draw a decent looking Wonder Woman, but you’d be wrong.

Anyway, take a look at my superfriends.  Meanwhile, I’ll be at Springcon this May with plenty of copies of ‘All this Time’.

MNCBA cards


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