In the Days of the Caveman

I went out to lunch the other day and had some excellent Chinese food.  It was tasty.  After my meal was finished, I cracked open the fortune cookie.  I never eat the cookie, but I enjoy sweets communicating to me, so I always read the fortune.  And this is was I read:

fortune cookie

It’s…uh, not as strange as, say “Geese Can Be Troublesome” but it was a weird fortune.  I guess it’s supposed to be a compliment, but I don’t think cavemen were very selective about what they ate.  A caveman probably would enjoy eating here, true, but perhaps a better compliment would be “…even Julia Child likes it” or maybe “…even this cat would like it” :

grumpy-catAt any rate, whoever wrote this really dropped the ball here.  I learned nothing about life or about what destiny awaited me.  Just a poorly thought out advertisement for the restaurant.

As a cartoonist, I got to thinking about the “fortune” and I went home and started a short comic that will appear in the book after the one I am working on.  It’ll be out in 2015, I suppose.  It’ll be a collection of some short stories and at least two longer ones, between 50-100 pages.  I think it’ll be called “Imitation of Life”.  Anyway, here’s the first page of that story.

in the days of the caveman 1


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