Working at the Car Wash Blues

Okay, I read comics.  I’ve read a lot of them.  And after decades of reading comics, you start to realize that almost every character has:

-died and come back

-quit being a superhero only to come back

-had someone else wear the costume for bit until the original character returned.

So after a while you can start to feel a little cynical.  Like when Dick Grayson took for Batman.  Great, but it’s only a matter of time until Bruce Wayne comes back.  Captain American is dead?  Well, until he comes back to life, sure.  We comic readers patiently tolerate these “shocking” stories and wait for the status quo to return.

What really bugs me is when news outlets start to report on cliched storylines that pop up in comics.  Like when Johnny Storm died in Fantastic Four.  Or when Peter Parker revealed his identity.  Or when Clark Kent quit the Daily Planet.  As a comic reader we know these things will be reversed.  So we wait.  I guess I sort of appreciate it when mainstream media has stories about comic books, but I would prefer it if the media would cover stories like Scott Snyder taking over as the writer of ‘Batman’, or Dan Slott doing an awesome job on ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ or how ‘Double Barrel’ is reinventing the digital comic.

We’ll probably always live in a world where when USA Today covers comics it’s about Wonder Woman getting a new costume as opposed to covering a great writer/artist team on a book.  I’d like that to change but it probably won’t.

Heck, I’d simply settle for a news article about comics that didn’t start with “POW!  ZAP!  so-and-so gets a new sidekick!”.

Anyway this has been on my mind lately so I drew a comic sort of about that.  I don’t know.  I’m tired.

working at the car wash blues


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