I Get Ideas

Yesterday I was watching cartoons with Sophie and my brain started to wander.  It landed on a little idea.  Very little.  And like a fire that it is struggling to come to life, I started to fan the idea, started to make it live just to see what this idea was made of.

The idea stuck with me for the rest of the day.  After I put Sophie to bed, I sat down at my drawing table and started to sketch out the idea I had.  When I think of a new character I have to draw it to see if it works or if I like the character.  I may like the concept, but if I sit down and doodle it out I might realize that the idea doesn’t work or have legs.

I am lucky to get ideas for new projects.  But I am so focused on Uptown Girl on the new book that a new idea is almost a distraction.  But I would never scorn a new idea since…well, it might be my last.  Anyway, I sat down and sketched out a character and a small scene that kind of captures the spirit of the idea.  I am not sure if I will do anything with this idea.  Part of me wants to develop it as a comic strip, a new monthly comic, or a cartoon.  But between Uptown Girl, submitting the piggy book to publishers and the Retros, I wonder if I will ever get around to doing anything with this.

But it was still fun to draw.

girl vs mummy


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