Girls Just Want To Have Lunch

The country is tired of the Presidential election.  Declaring who you are voting for doesn’t just lead to a discussion of the candidates, it becomes a discussion argument of all the major, dividing issues.  Between job growth, marriage equality, health care, family planning…there are many issues people feel strongly about.

I don’t get into political conversations and I’ll tell you why.

Not long ago, I was in conversation with someone about the ‘Avengers’ movie.  He was annoyed that Spider-Man wasn’t in it.  I told him that I wished he was in it as well.  He said some guy said the reason Spider-Man wasn’t in the movie was because the guy who created Spider-Man was dead.  Of course, there about a half dozen things wrong with the statement.  For one, the two people credited with creating Spider-Man are both alive.  Nope, this guy insisted I was wrong.  I then told him that Marvel sold the rights to the Spider-Man movies in the 1990’s to Sony to avoid total bankruptcy and ‘Avengers’ was owned by Disney.  I was wrong again.

This went on for a while.  Eventually I gave up.  The movie went on to make a billion dollars and I learned a lesson.  What I learned is that it’s impossible to argue with an idiot.  Of course, we all want to be right in an argument but it’s important to listen to what someone from a different opinion says.  But in many political arguments most people aren’t willing to listen, they just want to be right.

And I’m not any better.

So I drew a comic.

This was inspired by a comic I drew a while ago that appeared in ‘Little Adventures’.  It remains one of the more popular things I’ve done.  And here it is:


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  1. Ben Mudek says:

    I don’t want to be right. Ever. I want to discover truth. Anyone more concerned with being right will never do this.

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