Ten Years

When Uptown Girl was a monthly series, I would collect a year’s worth of issues in a book.  These books would include the 12 issues I would do over the course of the year, but also bonus stuff, like that year’s annual, one shots, whatever.

At first, the collections were pretty small.

But by the time the series wrapped up, the collections got quite a bit bigger.

I liked seeing the collections get bigger and bigger with each volume.  But by the time the final collection came out, I thought they were too big.  I was looking forward to the series continuing on in graphic novel form with each book around 250 pages or so.  When ‘Big City Secrets’ came out, I think people were surprised at how small it was compared to what I was putting out before.

Moving onto a new series, so to speak, was very exciting as I was looking forward to breaking from the stark white books to something more colorful and each book looking different from each other.  And thanks to Ben Mudek, the books look amazing.

As anyone creative will tell you, sometimes it’s hard to look at your old work.  I was looking forward to letting the collections selling out and then focusing on the “new” stuff but I still liked a lot of what came before.  There’s some good stuff in the collections.  Plus all the Uptown Girl history is there.  I decided to mark the 10th anniversary of Uptown Girl I would put out a “greatest hits” collection and take 12 of the best stories and collect them into a new book, in the style of the original graphic novels.  Then I could let the collections sell out and go out of print, while a few stories would still live on and be available.

The new collection will be called “All This Time” and will be available in the spring of 2013.

The book will have 12 stories.  I’ve decided on 6 of them so far:

-The first issue

-Issue 9 (first appearance of Sulky Girl and the first issue Brian Bastian wrote)

-Issue 49 (Ana Ng first appeared and this issue was a favorite of Uptown Girl readers)

-The issue where Ruby gets a boyfriend, and the issue they break up.  I thought these two issues were great character moments for her

-The Wizard of Oz themed annual

So that leaves 6 more stories.  And since so much of what I do is influenced by what Uptown Girl’s readers say, I’d like to hear your suggestions.  What stories are your favorites?  Which issues do you think are important to live on?

Post your suggestions here or email me at bob@uptowngirlcomic.com

Thank you for your (almost) ten years of support and enthusiasm!


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