Trampoline Vibes

Many years ago, long before Uptown Girl, I did a lot of freelance art.  I did a lot of illustration for a lot of clients and had a lot of fun with it.  Since having a studio name was all the rage those days, I named my little business Trampoline Studios.  Those familiar with my work will see I am pretty traditional with my art and don’t do very much with digital art.  Heck, I’m still stunned I use computer lettering with Uptown Girl.  But as a freelance artist, I saw more of a demand for digital work and I was terrible with Photoshop, Wacom Tablets, you name it.  I tried.  I even took some classes at MCAD to make myself more marketable with some computer skills.

I moved away from freelance work and focused more on comics, right around the time I created Uptown Girl.  Pretty much for the last ten years it’s been nothing but comics.  As a creative person, I need to do other stuff, and I grew to miss freelance work and the variety of illustration I was doing.  I also did a lot of art shows then which gave me a chance to sell original art which I never do these day.  I think I have sold one piece of original art in the last five years.  Not because I suck (and I might) but because I’ve only put one piece up for sale in the last five years.

I also started to miss color.  Uptown Girl is in black and white except for the covers, which, thanks to Ben Mudek, I don’t even do myself anymore.

So I decided to relaunch Trampoline Studios and combine the desire for working in color with selling original art.  And although I am still painting and drawing by hand, I can embrace the digital age a bit and sell my art through Etsy.  Visit my shop here.

The art there is pretty simple but I hope you like it.  Below is an example of what you’ll find there.


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