Good News For People Who Love Bad News

I started sending my children’s book, “This Little Piggy” to prospective literary agents recently.  It’s not a fun process but whatever.  I know having an agent is the way to go, but I wish I could submit directly to publishers but most publishers would prefer to work with an agent, so there you have it.

I am used to rejection.  I have to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to shake off.  Whenever I start a new project and send it to prospective publishers, the first rejection stings the worst, and the ones that follow are easier to forget about.  I learned this a while ago when I tried shopping around another book I had done.  This was pre-Uptown Girl.

But anyway, on Friday I came home to a big white envelope from an agent I sent the book to.  I knew it wasn’t good news, it was a rejection letter and I hadn’t expected to be picked up by this particular agency, but it still put me in a bad mood and I kind of moped around the rest of the day.  The letter was to the point with a compliment and a criticism.  It was something like this:


Of course, the rest of the day I started to wonder if the book wasn’t very good, and I should redo it or perhaps move onto something else.  These kind of thoughts put me in a tailspin and I wasn’t productive the rest of the day because this is how letters like this feel:

But I got over it and had a pretty productive afternoon on some other projects, including a tricky panel layout I had been struggling with.

So, onto the next agent…


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