Odds and Ends

Okay, a few updates:

Uptown Girl- A Long Forgotten Fairytale is close to moving forward on new material.  I am only about three pages away from being finished with the redraw.  Hooray!  I hope to be working on new pages by the end of the week.

This Little Piggy is being reviewed by two agents right now and I don’t either will pick it up, but it’s exciting that the rejection letters are on their way to me.  I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but I am not going to kid myself and think that this will be easy.

The easiest part of doing a kid’s book was the creation of it.  The writing, the tone, the drawing.  The creative part was the easiest and most fun.  The boring part and the hard part is the letter writing and submitting it to agents and publishers which is why it sat on my hard drive for over a year.  So I’m happy that I’m in the “sending it out” groove.  But I miss the creation of something that was very different than Uptown Girl so I am trying to decide what my next non-Uptown Girl project will be, but this cropped picture below might be an option:

Also, I did a birthday card for my brother-in-law and it’s so weird that I wanted to share.


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