Hornets! Hornets!

I live in a townhouse.  And with townhouses, comes a townhouse community.  It’s a quiet neighborhood somewhere in Saint Paul.  Unlike a typical house, none of the homes face a street.  Rather, there is a parking area that is next next a curvy, winding, stone covered walkway that leads to people’s homes.  Flowers and huge trees line the twisty walkway.  You’ll see neighbors walking their dogs, visiting with each other.  It’s like living in ‘Animal Crossing’.

The other day on a walk with Sophie, a neighbor pointed out a huge bee’s nest in a tree.  This sucker was huge, like, basketball-sized.  Soon a few of us were staring at the nest wondering what to do.  Some of my neighbors wanted to knock it down, or let the grounds crew deal with it.  I was in favor of just letting it be.  Ha, bee.  Bees are good for the ecosystem!  The pollinate the flowers!  Bees are vanishing worldwide thanks to the microwaves from cellphone towers.  Eventually they agreed me with or they got tired of me babbling.

A couple hours later I got stung and watched my hand swell up.

Anyway, in honor of this bee story, I thought I’d post a solo Rocketman story that appeared in ‘Little Adventures’.
Hey, there are bee’s nests in ‘Animal Crossing’, aren’t there?  Huh.


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