Cars Are Cars

There are a few things that I can’t stand to draw.  One of things I hate drawing are police officer hats.

All those weird folds and creases, and they all change when the perspective changes.  So I made the brilliant decision a few years ago to stop drawing the hats altogether when I draw a police officer.

Done and done.

But another thing I hate drawing are cars.  So imagine the terror I felt when I recently picked up a freelance gig drawing…yep, cars.  Specifically classic cars.  I thought about turning the work down but I thought it’d be a good thing to challenge myself.  I also wanted to make some money.

So I went to the library a few weeks back and picked up a few HUGE coffee table books featuring classic cars.  I wanted the drawings to look like real cars instead of drawing them from memory.  I also wanted to draw actual makes and models as opposed to generic looking vehicles.  I surprised myself with how much fun it was.

I thought they turned out pretty good.


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