Eight Year Old Idea

I had planned on showing some art I am drawing for some freelance work this week, but a little conversation between my son Ryan and I presented a good comic strip.  It’s a pretty hastily drawn strip.  This was the rough draft of the strip, to get the timing down, the flow nailed down, and in the end I liked the roughness to it so I didn’t redraw it.

We were on our way to seeing ‘The Amazing Spider-Man” and we got to talking about the previous films.

It really stuck with me.  He’s right,  everything at that age was cool.  It reminded me of the age old discussion of when comic books were best, when video games were the best, etc.  The answer is always “when you discovered them”.  As much as I love comics now, I loved them MORE when I first starting reading Batman (with ‘Death in the Family’), I love video games, but it’s nothing compared to when I first played ‘Super Mario Bros’ when I was 11….I guess the same with Saturday Night Live.  People insist that the show isn’t as funny as it used to be…because it will never be as good as when you watched it regularly for the first time.

So I guess you’ll have to tune in next week to see drawings of muscle cars.


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